Hello My name is Saphire.  I'm the Proud Salon Manager here at Miami Clips Grooming. 
About me : I have two loving pets of my own (4yr Pitbull Named Kaylie) & (6mos Poodle Named Jack Daniel *AKA ,J.D ).  I Love my 2 fur Kids.  I can understand  the uneasy feelings of dropping off your loved ones with strangers. Here is some information to help you get to know me :)
I have been grooming for 10 years now. I first started at age 15yrs. My step mom &father were Groomers.  I started my passion at a young age. I absolutely fell headover heels in LOVE with grooming .
Here at Miami Clips Grooming I can assure you I LOVE my job. It's not just a job to me. It is very personal. I Get to meet all types of kiddos some as young as 6weeks-age, some as sweet as a (butterfly)-which yes makes my job alot easier, others as mean as (Chucky) -None-the-less I love them just as well. Just takes some extra skills handling them, knowledge of animal behavior and handling skills, and lots loving with some hugs & kiss. Communication always Helps (Personally I like talk to owner about each individual pet.  I won't just tell you your pet was BAD.  I will  communicate with you how to make your pet happier, healthier, and comfortable at the Groomers.  Grooming has lots of scary noises, smells, and sensations. The KEY is Too keep going to same Groomer you and your pet are comfortable with  so your pet can get use the his/her stylist. Often it only takes a few weeks, others a few years. I don't mind taking my time with them. I am a Perfectionist  & Take ALOT of time in PRIDE in my grooming and I love animals.
If you book with me Please understand I am more of a Doggie Lover than a people person but I am working on that. :) I also run the shop and personally check every single pet to know every pet goes Home Looking its BEST and was treated humanely. I Do have Plenty of REQUEST Clients.  It may take a little longer with me because I manage the store but they are very happy with their pets treatment and style so they don't mind the wait. I hope You and Your Furrkids & I Learn to trust one another. I promise you will be in the Best Hands :)
I Like to see your pet every 4-6weeks to keep your pet healthy .
............................................Thank You Again Saphire 
Salon Manager :Saphire "Groomer / Stylist"
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Patricia-Coming Soon "Groomer / Stylist"
Kim-Coming Soon "Bather"
Hello name is Patricia,
 I love hanging out with my furry four legged friends. I'm very outgoing, friendly, and theres nothing in the world that I'd rather be doing than grooming dogs. I've been grooming for a few years now and i love it. I'm patient with difficult dogs. If your dog is matted, needs brushing, glands expressed, nail trimming, or just some tender loving care, I'm your gal. Miami Clips is all about making your pet looking beautiful, well groomed and comfortable.  MIAMI CLIPS has transforms your pet to achieve its full beauty. Keeping up with your pet's grooming prevents alot of health issues. Feel free to request me to groom your furry four legged friend.
Saphire-10 Yr Certifide Groomer "Stylist"
Patricia - Groomer 2 Yr "Stylist"