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We offer everyday competitive prices, great value add-ons along with friendly staff, a convenient location and Hours of Operation.

REFERRALS: Please print out and fill out the referral form to receive your discount.  Your friend will also receive $5 off their first groom with us.

Current customers remember to check your emails for updates, discounts, and coupons!

TEXT MIAMI to 64600 for Special Offers and Discounts.  Make sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow us On Instagram.

Additional Services (a la carte)

Pampered Pooch  + $15 
Special shampoo,Nail filing,Teethbrush

Brushing of teeth +  $5 Extra

Nail Filing (Drimmel)+$10 With Service

Silk Conditioning + $5-$10

Remoisturizer + $5-$10

Oatmeal Bath + $5-$10

Medicated Bath + $5-$10

Flea Bath + $5-10

Dip (for ticks) + $10

Nail Trim without bath/groom $10-$15

Nail Trim and Filing without bath+ $15 -20

De Shedding (FURminator Treatment - www.FURminator.com) + $20-$35

De Matting (if possible) + $5-$20

Furminator deshedding treatment- 
+20 small pets
+25 medium pets
+35 large/extra large pets

Nail Polish +$10 Front Paws $20 Full Set

Hair Coloring = ADD ON Starts at +$50 up

Biospot 30 day Flea & Tick Preventative - $10

Anal Glands without purchase +$10

Special Handling - $5-20
(If necessary/Groomer will contact you)

Late Fee - $35


Includes Toothbrush

Amazing Add Ons
Nail Trims ONLY $10
FREE With Bath/Grooming Service
Matt removal or dematting (if possible) is uncomfortable and time consuming.  Extra fees may apply.

Set up reoccurring appointments to prevent matting. Talk to your groomer about how to maintain at home.  Regular grooming keeps your pet happy and healthy.

Here at Miami Clips, we try to offer the best grooming services at an affordable and competitive price. 

Pricing varies depending pet size, style of groom, and upon the specific condition and needs of your pet. 

Please call for price quote or bring your dog in for a more accurate estimate. Unfortunately, we cannot accurately quote pricing for grooming services, without evaluating your pet's coat and condition in person.

HairCuts - Call for A Quote Or Visit Salon
Master Groomer Basic Haircuts $45 - $120
Basic Haircut is 1/2 Inch or Shorter all Over
Hair Cut - All Over Haircut, Sanitary Trim and Scissoring of Feet & Pad Shaving
Plus Bath Package:
     Nail Trim
     Anal Glands Expression
     Ear Cleaning
     Bath With Deep Cleaning Conditioning Shampoo
     Fluff Blow Dry by Hand Without Heat (The safest method unlike potentional deadly heated kennel dryers)
     15 Minute Brush
     Bandana/Bows & Pet Fragrance

+$10 For Over 1/2 Inch or Pattern Cuts $55-$130

$10 OFF For Utility Cut $35-$110 - Everything Shaved (Face, Ears, Tail) like Short Hair Dog ( ex. Chihuahua) - Does Not Include Matt Removal Fee If Necessary.
Junior Apprentice Grooming Starts at $35**
(Currently Unavailable)
(Includes Haircut Plus Bath Package)

FFTT Start at $35-$85** (Face, Feet & Tummy Trim) 
     Sanitary Trim
     Scissoring of Feet & Shave paw pads
     Plus Bath Package - 
        Nail Trim
        Anal Glands Expression
        Ear Cleaning
        Bath with Deep Cleaning Conditioning Shampoo
        Tear Free Facial
        15 Minute Brush
        Fluff Blow Dry By Hand without Heat
        Bandana/Bows & Pet Fragrance

Puppy Trim $25 (Under 5 months and under 40 lbs)
(Face, Feet & Tummy Trim) Includes Trim of hair on paw pads, feet, face, and sanitary areas Plus Bath Package - Nail Trim, Glands, Ear Cleaning, Bath, Brush

Premium Bath Packages $20-$85
Depends on Breed & Coat - Baths Begin at $20 For Short Haired Small Breeds such as Chihuahua, Daschund
    Tear free face shampoo
    Deep cleaning shampoo
    Nail trim
    Ear cleaning
     15 Minute brush
    Anal glands expression
    Hand blow dry
    Pet fragrance & bows/bandana

​EXPRESS GROOM - NO KENNEL + $20  Typical grooming with scheduled appointment takes about 3-5 hours. If you need to get your furry friend out in "NO KENNEL Work on pet straight through", when scheduling your appointment ask for Express service, if available is an just extra $20. Best time for express service Tuesday -Thursday.

** Free Consult Available For All Services.  Matting/Dematting/Parasite Removial/Handling Fees Not Included (May be extra). Groomer will inform you at drop off/check in or call you if extra services are required. 
 Handling fees may apply for difficult to groom dogs. We will attempt to work with your pet as long as it does not become a safety hazard for pet or groomer. We do not want to cause excessive anxiety or harm to any pet. Recommendation for a trainer and/or veterinarian supervised grooming. We do not sedate any animals.

Ask About Our Reoccurring Maintenance Appointment Program.  Dogs need grooming services every 4-6 weeks (especially nail trims).  At Miami Clips we offer $5 off Services if you have reoccurring appointments within 4 weeks for baths/fftt/grooms.  You also earn Loyalty Points for Every Dollar Spent at Miami Clips.  Reward your pet with their health and save $ by booking with Miami Clips.

Loyalty Points
10 pts =  $5 Off Furminator or Special Shampoo
10 pts =  Free Teeth Brushing
15 Pts =  Nail Trim Walk In
15 pts = Free Nail File with Service
20 pts = Free Pampered Pooch
25 pts = $10 Off any Service
Pampered Pooch Upgrade +$15 
Includes Nail filing, Teethbrushing, and Upgraded Special Shampoo 
(Compared to $28 too other salons)
We do not have a doggy day care service. All pick ups should be within 3 hours of call and by closing time of 5 p.m. Tues-Fri unless otherwise specified by groomer. Saturday/Holiday pick ups must be within 2 hours due to limited kennel space. We do not feed pets, but they will always have fresh water available. Please be aware many pets will not eat/drink in a grooming environment due to excitement or stress.