Premium Baths start at just $20 (teacup size chihuahuas)
Baths include bath with tear free shampoo on face, deep cleaning, conditioning shampoo, nail trim, hand dry, ear cleaning, glands expressed, fragrance & bandana.
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Hair cut packages start at just $45
Includes Hair Cut plus Premium Bath, Nail Trim, Ear cleaning, Fragrance, Bandana/Bows and Gland expression
1/2 Long All Over or Shorter/ +$10 For Over 1/2 Inch or Pattern Cut/$10 OFF For Utility Cut  (Shave Everything Like a Chihuahua - Ears, Tail, Face, Body


Our certified pet groomers offer grooming for all breeds of dogs as well as offer grooming for cats.  Our staff has a deep understanding of all breeds and standards.  The staff will work with you to find out the unique style that fits your pet and your personal needs and desires.  From breed standard hair cuts to unique styles like Mohawks or goatees, our pet stylist can create just the look you want to achieve for your pet.


We over a variety of add on services for your preferences and pet needs.  We have shampoos that can help relieve itchy skin or skin allergies as well as shampoo and conditioners that condition and help detangle the coat.  We also have shampoos to remove fleas and ticks as well as to remove skunk odor.  There are also shampoos to enhance your dog’s color such as whitening and blackening shampoo.  

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Pet Safe Hair Color

We now offer Pet Safe Hair Coloring in the following shades: Screaming PinkPop Star PinkMagic PurpleLa la LimeVampire RedWicked RedMidnight BlueTango Turquoise, Tuxedo Black, Monster GreenShocking OrangeTwilight YellowSilver ShimmerGlamour Goldand Bashful Brown.  Decorate your pets ears, tails, pom poms, Mohawks, and more.  Call for a individualized quote.

We also offer a variety of shades of Pet Safe Nail Polish.  We have every color of the rainbow as well as glitter, glow-in-the-dark, silver, and gold.
All pet grooming packages include everything your pet needs: bath, nail trim, expressing glands, brushing, drying, ear cleaning and plucking as well as designer cologne, bandana or ribbon bows at no extra charge. We offer all types of pet grooming packages and individual services including baths, sanitary trims, individualized hair cuts and styles, nail trimming and nail filing. 

We are an authorized Furminator Shed-less Treatment Facility.


Every pet that receives a grooming service receives a bandana or ribbon bows.  A variety of specialty bows and barrettes are also available for purchase.
Love your pet, hate the shedding? 

The FURminator Shed-less treatment  includes a special shampoo, conditioner, drying, and brushing process that loosens and removes unwanted loose hair and the dog‘s undercoat.  First we massage the FURminator deshedding shampoo into pet's fur for 10 minutes.  Then the Furminator deShedding conditioning solution is massaged for another 10 minutes.  Our high velocity dryer separates and eliminates excess coat & shedding.  The blow drying process is followed by thorough rinsing, another hand blow dry, then followed by thorough brushing and combing with the patented deShedding brushes.  You are left with a shiny, healthy top coat and 60-80% reduction in shedding.
The FURminator Shed-Less Treatment
The FURminator Shed-less Treatement is even more effective with regular treatments performed every 4 to 6 weeks.

FURminator shampoos, hair care and hygiene products are free of parabens and chemical dyes and are packaged in the USA. Visit


Every pet must appear to be in good health, (Paper Work of Full Shot Record's) , free from any communicable diseases or skin conditions. Pet must also be non-aggressive and socialized.  We love all animals here...  We will try and work with you and your pet to make the grooming experience positive.  If your pet requires special handling due to anxiety, aggression, or age/health condition, please mention upon scheduling you appointment and at drop off.  We reserve the right to discontinue a groom if the animal becomes overly stressed or aggressive, or because of health concerns, due to the nature of the grooming process.

**Additional fees may apply for excessively dirty pets, matts, shedding, parasite removal, or handling charges for extra time required for special needs (aggressive, not socialized, elderly). Please understand that we must charge for our time and special handling services.

Note on Aggressive Dogs – 
Miami Clips will not be accepting aggressive dogs and uncooperative dogs. This policy is for the safety and comfort of both the dogs and the groomers. If a groomer get’s bit, that is their career that could be potential ruined or time may be taken off work. If a dog bites because he/she is not accustomed to being groomed, (Additional $50 Automatic Fee ) will be charged Pet Finished or Not - That BITE will be reported by medical personnel or Miami Clips Staff to local Animal Control (#311) , which could result in fines, quarantine, and a record as a vicious dog. Also the dog may be doing alligator rolls, choking itself, and stressing itself out to the point that it is not humane to continue the process. If a pet is unable to be groomed, we will recommend you take the pet for supervised and possibly sedated grooming under the care of a professional veterinarian. We love all dogs and this is why we do not want to proceed with a groom that is dangerous to your pet and ourselves. Thanks for your understanding.

Best Grooming Services & Value in Town

Nail Trims Start at 
ONLY $10
FREE with Any Grooming or Bath Package.

Hot Mess to Hottie!!!
By Saphire
Typical Grooming with scheduled appointment take about 3-5 hours.  Remember we work with live animals therefore cannot predict exact times do the nature of our line of work (some dogs may take longer than predicted, we may a high volume of phone calls, accidents (#1 and #2s), or hard to handle pets.  We are not a kennel. Dogs must be picked up within an hour of being called.

We always call as soon as your furry family member is ready or if there are any pertinent issues.  Please limit phone calls as they slow down the grooming process.

Please allow extra time and mention with scheduling for hair coloring, tangling, matts, FURminator treatments, or same day appointment/walk-ins.  

We also offer a variety of specialty products including pet safe hair coloring, pet safe nail polish in a variety of shades, the FURminator deshedding treatment, designer cologne, and cute bows and barrettes.  

We also offer a variety of specialty shampoos and conditioners including flea & tick, oatmeal & aloe, hypo-allergenic, skunk odor remover, lime skin relief, medicated tar skin relief, whitening, blackening, and detangling and conditioning.  All deskunking, hair coloring, matting, hard to handle, and Furminator treatments must be mentioned when making appointment to assure we have sufficient time and staff.
The Grooming Process
MIAMI CLIPS IS AN AUTHORIZED FURminator Shed-less Facility.
We do not have a doggy day care service. All pick ups should be within 1-2 hours of call/vm .  

Average Grooming Take's 2-5hrs Depending 

Please Allow Groomer to Call you when Pet is Ready.

We will NOT forget .

*Due to Kennel Space*

To Avoid $35 Late fee / Kennel Fee.

We Are Small Mom & Pop Shop .

Saturday/Holiday pick ups must be within 1 hours due to limited kennel space. We do not feed pets, but they will always have fresh water available. Please be aware many pets will not eat/drink in a grooming environment due to excitement or stress.

Accident's Happen When Groomer's are Rushed !

Therefore - Do NOT rush your Groomer -

#1 Safety is Our #1 Priority 

#2 Quality Grooming 

#3 Happy , Wagging Tail Pup :) , Walking Out in Style !